Steve Gerber – Hard Time: Sixteen

Hard Time: Sixteen

Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels

Illustrator : Brian Hurtt
Issue : 07/01/2013
Publisher : DC Comics
Format : Paperback
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 10.16 x 6.61 x 0.28 in
ISBN-10 : 9781401237943
ASIN : 1401237940
Steve Gerber - Hard Time: Sixteen
A high-school shooting costs four students their lives, and 15-year-old Ethan Chiles his future. Now he's got 50 years of hard time to look forward to. Something powerful has been growing within Ethan, and on the day of his sentencing, it escapes at last. It will change a life that has already been completely changed. It will follow him into the savage environment of a maximum security prison, where each day is a struggle for survival. Will it be a source of massive power, a chance at redemption, or the cruelest of curses? In this second HARD TIME collection, Ethan leaves solitary confinement and rejoins the prison's general population. But can his strange power keep him and his few friends alive?

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About the Author

Steve’s comics creations include Nevada (Vertigo), Void Indigo (Epic Comics); Sludge (Malibu Comics); Destroyer Duck (Image Comics); Stewart the Rat (Eclipse Comics); and Omega the Unknown (co-created with Mary Skrenes, published by Marvel Comics). His runs on Marvel’s Man-Thing and Defenders and his Phantom Zone miniseries for DC are considered comic book classics. Steve also wrote, edited, and supervised the production of Marvel’s celebrated KISS comic book, based on the goth-glam rock band.
Best known as the creator of Howard the Duck, Steve Gerber has established a reputation for working at the cutting edge of comics. Steve has put words in the mouths of virtually every major character in the comic book world — from Superman to Scooby Doo — and his work has appeared under the imprint of almost every major publisher in the field. He has also written extensively in animation and television, and even has a computer book to his credit.

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