Mark Waid – Daredevil, Vol. 2

Daredevil, Vol. 2

Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels

Illustrator : Paolo Rivera, Emma Rios, Kano Kano, Khoi Pham
Issue : 25/12/2012
Editor : First Edition
Publisher : Marvel
Format : Paperback
Pages : 136
Language : en
Dimensions : 10.00 x 6.50 x 0.30 in
ISBN-10 : 9780785152408
ASIN : 0785152407
Mark Waid - Daredevil
The year's most critically acclaimed series! Following a shocking discovery about the Marvel Universe, Daredevil has a weighty decision to make - the results of which will affect his friends and enemies both! Meanwhile, the Nelson and Murdock law offi ces struggle to celebrate the holidays as insurmountable problems descend upon them! Then, Spider-Man and Daredevil team up when Black Cat is arrested, and Murdock is the only lawyer who will touch her (her case, we mean). The next great love triangle of the Marvel U. begins. COLLECTING: DAREDEVIL 7-10, 10.1; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 677

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About the Author

Mark Waid is an American comic book writer. He is well known for his eight-year run as writer of the DC Comics’ title The Flash, as well as his scripting of the limited series Kingdom Come and Superman: Birthright, and his work on Marvel Comics’ Captain America. From August 2007 to December 2010, Waid served as Editor-in-Chief, and later, Chief Creative Officer of BOOM! Studios, where he wrote titles such as Irredeemable, Incorruptible and The Traveler.

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